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Gloria Kasler, a registered nurse, started with an idea at her home computer in 2001. By the next year, she had her first contract. Within that first year, she had admitted 35 clients. Ever since, she has continued to focus on training employees to expand Nightingale’s and to continue compassionate, excellent care through her local area of Florence county.

Today, Nightingale’s Nursing has become a family business – not only have Kasler’s daughters joined her in the nursing practice, but our ever expanding team of excellent home caregivers are an integral part of our Nightingale’s family. Nightingale’s Nursing serves 40 counties in SC, with brick-and-mortar office and training locations in Florence, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Camden, and now Greenville.

Our growth over the years can be contributed to the wonderful word of mouth among our exceptional employees and our dearest clients, and through good will generated from countless hours of dedicated service, concern for the welfare of others, and the trust placed in God to lead us along the right path. We only wish to be allowed to be a positive influence on everyone we come in contact with and use God’s grace of wisdom and a discerning heart to choose those we work with carefully and according to His will.

Nightingales Nursing
Greenville, SC

Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendent Care Services is South Carolina’s leading at home nursing care provider. With locations in Greenville, Camden, Charleston, Florence and Myrtle Beach, Nightingale’s Nursing has a service area that covers most of South Carolina. We specialize in in-home care.

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